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This appointment is closed and is displayed for reference only. 


Remuneration:£800 per day 


Closing date:03 November 2017 at midnight 

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC)

The Committee comprises eight members: a Chair and seven independent members. Details of membership can be found on the CCC’s website. The Committee employs a Chief Executive and is supported by a Secretariat of around 30 staff to provide analytical and corporate support.

As a Committee member you will be responsible for developing the work of the Committee on Climate Change, determining its strategic direction and providing impartial input into the Committee’s work. The Members will be required to work up to 2 days per month plus maintain sufficient flexibility to respond to additional ad hoc duties.

The Committee members have collective responsibility for:

  • Attending meetings, determining decision making procedures for the Committee;

  • Ensuring that the Committee discharges its statutory duties within the framework specified by the Climate Change Act;

  • Providing input and advice into reports to Ministers, UK Parliament and the respective Devolved Administrations, including under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act and Environment (Wales) Act;  

  • Providing an impartial and independent input to discussions;

  • Providing input and advice into reports to Ministers, UK Parliament and the respective Devolved Administrations;

  • Assisting the Chair in his representative role;

  • Ensuring close working relationships with key academics and institutions.

    Selection Criteria:

  • An ability to communicate, demonstrate strong interpersonal skills including the ability to negotiate, persuade and build relationships at all levels.

  • An ability to provide impartial, objective and pragmatic advice.

  • An ability to contribute to discussions at a strategic level and an ability to think creatively.

  • Expert ability to process and interpret complex information; well-developed analytical reasoning skills and judgment.

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team in delivering results.

  • Candidates should be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the range of the Committee’s work and understanding of climate policy both internationally and across the UK. 

  • The Committee is seeking candidates that can demonstrate previous expertise in climate change science or the power sector as set out under Description of role. 

  • The ability to understand the differences across the UK and the Devolved Administrations in climate change mitigation policy and responsibilities, as well as variations within the UK such as: their capacity to take further effective action; the relationship between reserved and devolved functions; and the need for tailored advice for the different countries.

  • If you wish to be considered for the role of Scottish champion associated with one of two positions currently being advertised, specific knowledge of the Scottish policy context, and links to Scotland, will be an advantage.  


It is important that the Committee contains the range of expertise that is required to effectively produce its recommendations.  While all members of the Committee participate in all discussions, each also has a particular area of expertise.

The Committee has a legal duty to understand and be up to-date with the latest scientific evidence relating to climate change.  Fulfilling that duty does not fall on any single Committee member but this appointment will be an important part of how the Committee fulfils that duty. 

Climate Scientist

Formal qualifications in climate science, an internationally recognised track record and recent publications in an area of science relevant to the Committee.  Note that one Committee member already specialises in the carbon cycle and the Committee seeks complementary expertise.

Links into relevant international organisations, thinking and research in this area, such as the Royal Society and overseas equivalents, IPCC and similar international bodies, UK and overseas meteorological offices.

The appointee will participate in all Committee discussions.  As such, you must also be willing and able to provide scrutiny and comment on full range of issues faced by the Committee, as well as your specific area of expertise.

Power Sector Specialist 

Detailed understanding and familiarity with the energy sector (including differences across the UK), scenarios for its decarbonisation and implications of those scenarios with evidence of recent publications or equivalent work to illustrate that understanding

Linkages between power sector scenarios and energy system issues, such as electrification in transport and heating sectors and links to industrial decarbonisation.

Sufficient background in the technical operation of power and wider energy networks to add to discussions about issues such as security of supply, flexibility, balancing and related issues; including the development of key technologies in these areas (e.g. CCS, storage technologies including batteries, demand-side response technologies including smart systems).  Note that the Committee already has expertise in demand-side behavioural issues and is looking for complementary, technical expertise.

An international reputation for your expertise and for robust analysis and thinking.

It would be an added advantage, but is not a requirement, for you to have links into and an up to-date understanding of relevant international organisations and their work in this area (e.g. IEA, IPCC).

Scotland Champion

The Committee is currently recruiting to fill two positions and notes that one of those positions was previously occupied by the Committee member with a remit to understand and speak on issues specific to Scotland. In addition to the general duties, fulfilling one of the roles will involve championing the interests of Scotland at Board meetings and ensuring matters discussed by the Board consider the impact and relevance to policies of the Scottish Government. In this regard knowledge of the Scottish policy context, and links to Scotland, would be desirable.

Closing date for applications is the 3 November 2017


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